Ferrari 821 superfast is brand new V12 powered GT launched in India. A top speed of 211mph   output boosted to 800 cv, 60 more than the F12berlinetta, the 812 is the most powerful and fastest ever built ranging from Rs 5.2 Cr/. On 1 Dec 2017 –Motor Australia’s popular car magazine awarded 812 superfast with “Best Engine Award”.

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It is a great performing  Ferrari with displacement increased to 6.5 litres and also putting out maximum the power output with ready start. CO2 emissions are reduced by 20g/km earing fuel type-Petrol and automatic transmission type of a 7-speed dual clutch provided. The body style of this 812 is a 2-door Berlinetta with a front mid-engine and a rear wheel drive for the smooth of vehicle. The engine capacity is about 6.5L


With Down payment Zero and a minimum bank interest rate at 8% an Individual can own at EMI per month at the rate of Rs 1.5 lakhs/(approximately). Get some of the best value and authentic insurance policies.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast have the best design and every individual dream racing car which gives you the world’s best experience to drive and have a memorable ride. An aerodynamically shaped body of 812 superfast have a very minimum drag with a high velocity.

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